My Story

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My Family
Circa 1937

1937 - Family reunion at Grandfather's Château. The author, Hélène, is in front in white dress, looking up at the sky. On her left is her brother Bernard. Her mother is in the center top row looking sideways.

 Château de Douvendelles, a beautiful 18th century property my maternal grandfather Avot bought on a whim, still in the family today.

My father is one year old in the little white dress, with his three older brothers.

Before the invasion!

My mother, Elisabeth Avot Gaillet, in a rare moment of repose in chaise longue at the beach in Ostende - a resort on the North Sea - 1937

My Paternal Grandmother in her salon with a big cushion under her feet to avoid cold drafts.

Pastel portrait of the author at age 7 - 1942

Walking in the mountains of Murols - 1943

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We were hiding in the mountains

The author and her brother, Bernard - 1943

On top of the Château ruins in Murols - 1943

Hélène, Edith, Elisabeth  Paris 1945