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Hélène Gaillet de Neergaard, author "I WAS A WAR CHILD" a memoir of WW II

Author/Artist/Photographer Hélène was born in France, Dec 1935 and came to the U.S. in June of 1946. In NYC since 1953, she now divides her time between NY and Naples, FL where she is active as a member and/or volunteer in several associations. Her background is in Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Becoming a professional photographer in 1970, she had several exhibits in New York and Paris. Her 1975 solo Paris show was advertised with posters of her nude self-portrait taped in vitrines of restaurants and cafés. All 500 copies were stolen overnight turning her into a Parisian celebrity for the duration of her 'charismatic, versatile and titillating' eight-week show (Le Point); over 400 people attended the vernissage and the poster is in the MOMA NY & Pompidou Paris collections.

In the '70s, her work was published in numerous books, newspapers, magazines, and intl. publ. including: TIME, New York, OUI, Playboy, Popular Photography, Car & Driver and more. Working with Gamma-Liaison (now Getty Images), she was also a stringer for the New York Times, where her photos of Gov. Hugh Carey and Félix Rohatyn were on the front page four times. For People she covered David Frost and Muhammad Ali, whose portrait she took is on the cover of his first biography. She also photographed jazz musicians Miles Davis, Cab Calloway, Lena Horne and Artie Shaw as well as lesser artists playing all night in Haarlem. In 1975, Hélène's photographs were published in the best seller CHEAP CHIC, by Caterine Milinaire and Carol Troy.

During that time she became a good friend of Aristotle and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, while living a jet-set life in a Park Avenue penthouse with a Wall Street investment banker who made his name as the man who saved New York City from bankruptcy. Her photographic archives were acquired by the HILLWOOD ART MUSEUM, LI, NY where a retrospective of her work was exhibited in September to December of 2008.

In 1976, Hélène sold her book An Invitation to a Slow Death: the Life of Lifers to Prentice-Hall Publishers but it was not published. Hélène has two current books in print, The BOAT BOOK: A Guide and Reference Book for ALL Boaters and Nautical Terms & Abbreviations, both available on Amazon.com, combined these have sold over 5000 copies. The New York Times published a half page review in January 1994 with the headline: "A Guide to Boating from Aft to Stern" by Barbara Delatiner. The book was also reviewed in Bill Bleyer's column On The Water in Newsday, LI October 1993 and several others. She hopes to sell her 3 books for children, guides on skiing, hiking, ballooning.

Some events of Hélène's life are mentioned in current books: ARI: The Life and Times of Aristotle Onassis, by Peter Evans, Simon & Schuster, Summit 1986, pp. 278, 293-295

A Woman Named Jackie: An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, by C. David Heymann, Lyle Stuart Books 1989, pp. 479-80; 487-88; 547-48

NEMESIS: True Story of Ari Onassis, Jackie O, & the Love Triangle that Brought Down the Kennedys , by Peter Evans, Regan Books 2004, "Good Place For Confessions" pp. 262-283 The Last Tycoons: Secret History of Lazard Frères, by Wm Cohan, Doubleday 2007, "NY Savior Félix Rohatyn", pp. 157-165 A Fortunate Life, by Robert Vaughn, Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press, 2008, "Still Unsolved?" pp. 261-265

Friends who have offered to write blurbs about her memoir: Valerie Brown: Capital Splendor: Gardens DC, Civil War Battlefields Mike Foldes: Ragazine, Sleeping Dogs: Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Paul Ingrassia: Pulitzer Prize Beat Reporting WSJ 1993, several books Danielle Mailer: daughter Norman Mailer, painter/artist/teacher Dr David J. Steinberg: Ph.D., Retired President, LIU (25 yrs)

Oliver Stone: Movie Producer & Cinematographer

UltraViolet: Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol Robert Francis Vaughn: Actor, Author "A Fortunate Life, Memoir " www.helenegailletartist.com www.iwasawarchild.com helenegaillet@gmail.com


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